Sometime last month, I thought about posting a snapshot of my most-listened to albums from I took the picture, and it sat on my desktop for a month. Then, a similar picture showed up on plasticbag — well, more exactly on its feed. The actual posting has disappeared. So, rather than being derivative, I guess I am being reiterative. Here’s what I was listening to last week.

PS: For many, many years, I said “alblums,” and it became a habit that it was really hard to break, so I just avoided saying it. You know: easier to say “CD” or something. Had the same problem with pint, though I think I’ve got that down now. There are probably a dozen other words I can’t say, and just don’t know I’m getting them wrong. I guess I’ll just have to stop talking to people.

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  1. Posted 2/23/2005 at 2:55 am | Permalink

    Good choice of Classics… wait a sec… no Beastie Boys!?!

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