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In case you haven’t already seen in, a colllection of papers called Into the Blogosphere has been launched. Some good stuff in here, and I’m working my way through in bite-sized chunks. The whole group (authors and editors) deserve kudos for a job well done.

I actually submitted the AIR paper for this, but it didn’t fit. It wasn’t rejected, exactly, but the requested revisions basically suggested that a different topic would be a good idea, if I could put it together in a week or two. In fact, the peer reviews on that paper were probably the worst (that is to say, the most critical) that I’ve ever received. Now that I see the collection I better understand why it didn’t work.

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  1. stef
    Posted 7/3/2004 at 10:20 pm | Permalink

    this is all helful: i guess having the prior work available to use as a bibliography will make a blog proposal have more impact: the visually impaired blog hyperlinked with the essays makes it more acceptable to the non blog world. Many out here have never heard of a blog.

    also it gives insight on how to engage those who have been marginalized and outside this dialog.

    I guess it makes the visually impaired more shaman like when they cannot get at the visual aspects of bloging. the world is changing and the idea of being able to understand this change is very “non linear.”

    i like the public nature of the blogs and see how it has radicalized my own actions towards doing rather than being idle and accepting.

    it give voice and gives a road to action: action can be positive as well as negative> the standards of self eduction changes the tempo of learning.


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