I [heart] NY

Back from the conference and only time for a brief update before I dive back into my long list of things to get done.

I loved the New York trip. I brought a camera, but didn’t take a single photo. Too bad, too, because there is something so photographable about New York, and I stayed at The Hudson, which is filled with photographable things and people. I have to say, having not been able to see as much of my partner’s graduation as I would have liked because I was too busy futzing with my camera has reminded me why I so dislike taking photographs most of the time. I think what I need is an always-on POV video that I can select stills from after the fact. When do we get those?

I ate more than I should have: awe-inspiring breakfast (as expected) at Sarabeth’s, and had an unexpectedly good pizza and nero d’avola (followed by a cuppetta of caramel gelatto) at otto. When I had a set of personal reviews of Buffalo restaurants up, locals complained that I was overly critical. As an indication that this is not the case, every meal but one that I had in New York was excellent. Of course, I saw New York at its best: the weather was perfect, and people were happily enjoying the weekend. Nonetheless, after visiting, it’s clear I need to move there.

The conference was, well, conferency. For communication folks, we could certainly do a better job of communicating our research. It isn’t just the student — in fact, I think the grad students often do a better job of presenting their work. And there are a handful of people who consistently present interesting, well-crafted presentations. But when did the habit of reading presentations in monotone cross over into our field? And for those who do not, how hard is it to limit a presentation to 15 minutes and hit the major points? Of course, it’s easy to complain when you have escaped presenting by having the student authors do the heavy lifting. (They did a great job, I think.) ICA actually has a pretty stringent refereeing process, but there seemed to be a pretty low signal-to-noise level.

Drinking game for next time: drink once for every “due to the limitations of time,” “a preliminary/pilot/exploratory effort,” or “a newer form of this research will be presented at X.” Oh, and once for every effort to recapitulate the field.

So, here’s what needs to be done by the end of the week, at the latest…

* Get everyone up to speed for the capstone seminar
* Position posting for the AIR treasurer position.
* Comments back to Jack Rosenberry on his draft dissertation
* Rewrite the paper with Jia Lin on intercity links and get submitted for publication
* Final draft of the web archiving paper
* First draft of the HICSS paper
* Analysis method for the self-identification items from the gaming survey
* [Update 5/31] Argh. I also have the evil annual review form to fill in.

I’ll try to keep up with the blogging, and have things of substance to post. But as always, when I’m especially busy, the blogging suffers…

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  1. Posted 5/31/2005 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    Oh crap, I forgot you were at ICA, too. Would have enjoyed a lunch — not many former UW grads were there, it seemed to me. But then again, I did more playing than conferencing this time around (stayed in Brooklyn, no less). Next time.

    PS: I actually enjoy listening to people READ their papers, and I don’t even mind monotone so much! As long as they’ve got something to say, I’m in.

  2. Posted 5/31/2005 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    mmm sarabeths is pretty good eats… we ate there for the encyclopedia meeting.

  3. Posted 5/31/2005 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Stuck in Buffalo all summer… goottta geeett oooouutttt !!

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