There was a dinner for the Hyperlinked Society panelists tonight. For those of you who know how profoundly uncomfortable I am in the presence of other humans, you would be shocked to find that I actually managed to be reasonably nonmisanthropic. I didn’t get a chance to chat with Jay Rosen and David Weinberger, but I did get to meet Mary Hodder and Martin Dodge–both of whom I’ve wanted to meet for some time, along with a lot of other folks who were charming and interesting to talk with. I also got to catch up with a lot of people I have met before, and that was nice.

Tommorow will be fun, but also fully packed. I may blog if there is net.

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    Ohhh. Would have like to have met the Dodge… even if it was just to find out if he got his copy of the handbook :)

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  1. […] Seems like a lot of people are covering the event, so I’ll leave it to people like Ethan Zuckerman, David Weinberger, Alex Halavais to cover it (live) while I focus on the discussions for now. Very handy. […]

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