Hi, NYTimers

Welcome to those who linked over from the article in the Times. All three of you*. Sorry the place is such a mess.

It’s a nice short article on travel blogging, and why there aren’t more travel blogs. It’s funny that we have gone from “there are all kinds of X blogs” to “why aren’t there more Y blogs?”

* Seriously, isn’t getting your URL in the Gray Lady one of those things people used to consider great press. It wasn’t three (my referrer log shows 265 from the online version), but this didn’t even make it to one of my top traffic days of the month. Not that I, um, obsess over my readership or anything. But compare that to Kevin’s meteoric numbers driven by Digg, and you have to wonder why PR folks are still targeting the “old media.”

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    At least if the electricity goes out, people can still read about you. :)

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