Halavais is…

Accumulating some of Google’s opinion of me via a search for “halavais is,” “halavais was,” and “halavais will be.” Filtered out the family members (“Halavais was attacked by a Great White Shark,” “Halavais was first licensed to practice law in CA”) and I’m left with:

Alex Halavais is on Facebook.
Hey there! halavais is using Twitter.
Halavais is a 37 year old married guy from New York
Alexander Halavais is member #9 of Social Media Professional.
Alex Halavais is an assistant professor of communication
This, says Alex Halavais, is how people will learn in the future
Happiness score for halavais is: 492
Alex Halavais was interviewed about Citizendium
Halavais was responding to a poll conducted
Alexander Halavais is a social architect
entries that Dr. Halavais is known to love
Alexander Halavais is Being Followed By
Alex Halavais is interviewed in a Q&A in
Alex Halavais is writing a chapter about the educational
Halavais was talking about how librarians see
Halavais is frequently interviewed as a blogging
to do Professor Halavais? Is it your intent to have us talk
Alex Halavais is collecting nominations
Eventually, Halavais was exhorting people not to try
Still, Mr. Halavais is keenly interested in the idea of forming
Washington (where Halavais was previously employed) who got job offers
this process, Halavais was able to conclude that in fact most
Halavais is blogging about it at alex .halavais.net
professor Alex Halavais as saying: “Nobody sets the rules for
Hello! halavais is using Brightkite.
A few years ago, Halavais was flabbergasted when students stopped by
Alexander Halavais was quoted for saying
architect Alex Halavais. Is this an invasion of privacy
spoken about by Dr. Halavais is something I very strongly support.
Our buddy Alex Halavais is quoted
Alex halavais is a very highly respected scholar/blogger.
Alex Halavais was a blogger/blogologist, Thom Jacobson
Alex Halavais is assistant professor in the School
Alex Halavais was talking about Wikipedia when he wrote
Halavais is experienced in blogging and edited
“Halavais is very even-tempered and understands that
i think alex halavais is interested in this topic of clinical
Two year ago Mr. Halavais was interested in finding out
Halavais is graduate director for the informatics
(Halavais) Is this an advantage or a disadvantage?
suspected to be Alex Halavais was him
Alex Halavais is also on what Michael Fagan
While Halavais is talking about a position that is
Alex Halavais is teaching Com 497, “Cyber Porn and
say, the real Alex Halavais is a lot more daring and also a lot
identity” that Alex Halavais was talking about a while ago.

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