Guardian Erototoxins

The Guardian had a silly article on Judith Reisman’s arguments that porn produces “erototoxins” and should be regulated as a dangerous drug. Today they printed a short note I wrote in response:

Mark Pilkington (Far out, July 14) writes that Judith Reisman is concerned about “an addictive drug cocktail of testosterone, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin with a measurable organic effect on the brain”. I do hope she plans on regulating other sources of spikes in such dangerous psychoactive hormones, including rollercoasters and pregnancy.

Of course viewing pornography produces changes in the brain; if it didn’t it wouldn’t be so popular. But it’s not as if rightwing people in the US want to do away with other changes to the brain, like an individual’s ability to learn about the world, understand complex issues, and enjoy new experiences … oh, wait, never mind.

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    Welcome to canada. “Wide open beavers inside.” as I think Vonnegut put it.

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