Gripe: Stop breaking my car

Several weeks ago, I parked my car in LGA long term parking. Maybe that was my first mistake. Someone ran into the car, taking off the trim on the rear bumper. By the time I got in, fairly late at night, the keyless entry wouldn’t let me in. I assume it had set off the alarm, and the alarm had blocked entry somehow.

Today, having parked the car while getting lunch and doing a little shopping in Jersey, came out to find four adult-sized footprint across the hood, with the last one at the bottom of a prodigious dent.

Now, I’m really not too fussy about physical things. I think I’ve got my priorities in line. I get upset about real injustices, but I think of myself as lucky, or blessed, or something, and happy with whatever I have. If I had less physical stuff, I think I would be pretty OK with that. But I find it upsetting that people are willing to just break others’ stuff and not bother to leave a note and, frankly, to pay for it.

That somewhat anarchist part of me says “why so big on personal property” but the truth is, I would feel the same about it if it wasn’t mine, and maybe even more strongly if it were communally held. Heck, if the destruction were intentional, and that intent was to send a message that my Volkswagon is an affront to those who are unable to own cars, or something–or anything!–other than simply disrespect for strangers, I think I would be OK with it. But the complete lack of any feeling of responsibility to the unknown stranger (me!) bugs me.

There’s my rant. I’m not looking forward to a couple thousand dollars worth of repairs simply to support several people’s lack of respect for what was once a very attractive car. Grumble.

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  1. Posted 4/17/2009 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    A footprint across the hood is a classic sign for “You shouldn’t park on a pedestrian crossing.” or more generally “Your car is blocking the way.” It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

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