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Steve Kurtz, an artist on the faculty at my university, was detained by the FBI because they thought that his art was dangerous looking. Having utterly failed in its original intent to prosecute him for bioterrorism, they have downgraded the charges to petty larceny and mail fraud. Although I will admit to not having all of the facts in front of me, this appears to be no more than government harassment, and an attempt by the FBI to cover up for a vast overreaction. Please try to help him to defend himself against the federal government, and lend support in whatever way you can. Even if you do not agree with his political stance, federal agents throwing you from your home, only to later suggest that you may have engaged in filling out paperwork incorrectly without any criminal intent (but that they are still charging you), is an extreme breech of academic freedom. Critical Art Ensemble Defense Fund.

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  1. stefanos
    Posted 7/1/2004 at 3:33 am | Permalink

    heard about this during a bellybutton genetics art show. I think what happened is very dangerous for academia: i worrry about fooling around with cellphones in nursing homes least i too get faslely accused of undermining “privacy.”

    had this thought during a lecture on digital photography that i gave to a group of seniors. It was a great way to see how a senior group can “network” and use that form of socialization for persons to look out for one another. but the powers that be can make things difficult: be it the FBI or some petty nursing home administrator with a legal team.

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