Fragments on Weblogs & Democracy

I’ve been trying to encourage my students to make use of their blogs as research logs and actually put up fragments and unfinished bits, but they are naturally reluctant. There is a good reason for this, I know. Clearly some folks spend serious time thinking about and crafting what they publish on their blogs. I don’t tend to do that. Mostly, this stuff is mind-dumps.

To help encourage them, I am posting a fragmentary piece of a paper a collaborator and I are putting the finishing touches on (heh!). I actually feel more comfortable posting fragments because they don’t have to make much sense. They come, naturally, with no guarantee, warantee or prediction, while a more finished paper you could reasonably expect to be more, well, finished. Click “more” below to see these.

I’ve also uploaded my thesis (pdf-243K) and dissertation (pdf-2Mb), and am putting them up for the world to see. The latter, of course, has been available on dissertation abstracts, for those with a university affiliation. I am still a little uncomfortable with both of these, but as the years wear on, I am decreasingly embarrassed. There are actually some neat ideas in these, though the major flaws remain pretty obvious :).

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