Forced to blog

I don’t have time to think in depth about this right now, but Seb posted a link to an interesting discussion regarding the motivation to blog. Kara is putatively researching the motivation behind creating a link in a blog, also an interesting question. We have here a grammer of motives regarding the activity of blogging.

I think as more people require blogging in their courses, you will see what happens when those without an intrinsic motivation to publish to an audience are asked to. We’re already seeing this in the courses this year–especially when students are not given explicit guidance as to what should appear in their blogs. A handful take it and run, and a number say, quite explicitly, something along the lines of “I have nothing of interest to write about.” To me, at least, I think one of the advantages of blogs is that it encourages you to become interesting. I mean, I don’t think that I have a very interesting life, but when I decide to do something out of the ordinary, it certainly gives me something I feel would be worth telling other people about.

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    Eszter had a recent comment about the privacy issues involved w/ having students post to publicly accessible pages – it indicates participation in a course, which is against FERPA.
    progress is being made on the thesis proposal. it’s just going so darn slow. . .

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    Yes, I responded to it here.

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