Finding myself in Foreign Affairs

I just ran into another article that quotes my chunk of the Pew study on Sept 11. Man, did that get a lot of press. Few journals gave my section as much coverage as this paragraph in Foreign Affairs:

“Do-it-yourself-journalism,” wrote Alex Halavais, another author of the “One Year Later” study, “has been a staple of Internet activity for years and the terrorist attacks gave new prominence to the phenomenon.” Blogs have become the most recognized electronic evolution in news: from the highly personalized and niche journals mentioned above to mass audience chronicles hosted on the likes of and the Web site of The Christian Science Monitor., whose motto is “It’s not news, it’s,” is dedicated to news of the amusing or outlandish. But recognizing the urgency of meeting public needs in the immediate aftermath of September 11, got serious and connected users to breaking news provided by a long list of news organizations as well as by individuals with firsthand experience and images of the events. Acting like journalists, Internet users were able to “investigate the facts of a story without leaving the living room,” according to Halavais. He also concluded that journalists must “place current events in the context of recent history, indicate how the day’s news might illustrate the culture or ideals of a society, and help news consumers to plan a course of action. The Web fulfilled these functions in important ways post-9/11.”

I wonder if I should be uneasy about appearing in a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, given their ties to the Illuminati–no, I think I’m OK with that :)

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  1. khanh
    Posted 2/3/2004 at 4:25 am | Permalink

    Blogs…they’re addicting is what they are.

    I should read yours more brain has turned to mush lately.

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