Feeling pea green

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, so I figured it was time for another post on colors. Went to the MoMA this weekend to see the excellent exhibition on “safe” design. Be sure to check out the online version, which has some cool things like a tree-mountable tent, a trans-dermal RFID tag, and other fun stuff. I’ve uploaded some other photos as well.

Yucky colored doorAnyway, the contrast was obvious on the trip. Regular readers will recall that I am a fan of cerulean blue. At the museum, we walked by the Yves Klein’s Blue Monochrome, which is, um, kinda abstract. But it’s a good blue. On the other hand, they have just repainted the doors in the building where we live. They used to be a deep green; not exactly radical, but acceptable. They are now roughly the color pictured here, or about #8D8D77, though a photograph cannot do the color justice. One of the other inmates referred to it as “somewhere between pea green and bilious.”

So now you know my most and least favorite colors. Aren’t blogs great?

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