Feeling New Yorky

It’s warmer here lately, and today felt like a very New Yorky kind of day, even if I spent most of it indoors working. Went for a walk with the dog out by Riverside Park, and some folks are still in winter wear while others have busted out the spring fashions. The dogs are no longer wearing coats–some of which in our neighborhood are made to match their owners’ outfits.

On the subway, a gaggle of Dominican men boarded in wushu uniforms. There was apparently a tournament of some kind somewhere in the city, since I saw someone else carrying a trophy. We went to Macy’s to see if there were any good clothes (not really), and left just as Diddy arrived for his promo party with more security than I’ve ever seen. We got dirty looks for walking over the carpet they were trying to vacuum for his arrival. We went and had dinner off Times Square, and when we got home, found that they are scouting for an apartment in our building for a Law & Order shoot.

I’m getting used to the idea of living in a city where there is something happening every day. I’m not the club-hopping, celeb-sighting, fashion victim type at all, but it’s nice to know that were I ever to become one, I wouldn’t have to go very far out of my way. No one has an excuse to be bored in New York.

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    not a fashion victim type? upgrading wordpress, switching from mt, playing with wikis…. it’s just a different set of fashions….

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