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Cyberactivism: Online Activism in Theory and Practice
Edited by Martha McCaughey and Michael D. Ayers

Cyberactivism is a timely collection of essays examining the growing importance of online activism. The contributors show how online activists have not only incorporated recent technology as a tool for change, but also how they have changed the meaning of activism, what community means, and how they conceive of collective identity and democratic change. Topics addressed range from the Zapatista movement’s use of the web to promote their cause globally to the establishment of alternative media sources like to the direct action of “hacktivists” who disrupt commercial computer networks. Cyberactivism is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the impact of the Internet on politics today.

6 x 9 : 336 pp
Routledge 20% Discount expires 3/30/03
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Table of Contents
Introduction Martha McCaughey and Michael D. Ayers
I. Cyber-Social Movements Emerging Online
1. Internet Protests, from Text to Web Laura J. Gurak and John Logie
2. A New Communication Commons Dorothy Kidd
3. Classifying Forms of Online Activism: The Case of Cyberprotests Against the World Bank Sandor Vegh
4. The Radicalization of Zeke Speir: How the Internet Contributes to Civic Engagement and New Forms of Social
Capital Theorizing Online Activism Larry Elin
II. Theorizing Online Activism
5. Democracy, New Social Movements, and the Internet: A Habermasian Analysis Lee Salter
6. Comparing Collective Identity in Onlien and Offline Feminist Acivists Michael D. Ayers
7. Mapping Networks of Support for Zapatista Movement: Applying Social Networks Analysis to Study Cotemporary Social
Movements Maria Garrido and Alexander Halavais
8. Identifying with Information: Citizen Empowerment, the Internet, and the Environmental Anti-Toxins Movement
Wyatt Galusky
III. Cautionary Readings of Community, Empowerment, and Capitalism Online
9. Wiring Human-Rights Activism: Amnesty International and the Challenges of Information and Communication
Technologies Joanne Lebert
10. Ethic Online Communities: Between Profit and Purpose Steven McLaine
11. Gay Media, Inc.: Media Structures, The New Gay conglomerates, and Collective Sexual Identities
Joshua Gamson
Epilogue: Current Directions and Future Questions David Silver

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