Counter-revolution won’t be blogged

sadi.pngIt seems that the People’s Republic has decided to shut down several major blog-servers. Nobody ever said they were subtle. They blocked access to a bunch of US university sites and email for several months last year, causing a real headache. I really do wonder if such ham fisted policies work to their advantage or disadvantage.

I heard a report on public radio today about the Bush administration’s use of video news releases to promote the new Medicare law. Some have suggested that the $100 million effort, which includes ready-to-go inserts for the evening news (a fairly common PR practice), smacks of propaganda. In my opinion, it does certainly smack of propaganda, but only to the degree that most PR campaigns do. (I wonder if this will put me even further in Google’s doghouse!) Nonetheless, the differences in approaches between US and Chinese efforts to control public opinion. Which one do you think works better?

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