Comment Spam Blocking

Yipee! I have my first piece of comment spam (see at the end here). I guess on the plus side, clearly identifies it as spam in the comment. Phil Ringnalda got some of this way back in October of last year, and BurningBird posted a fix to the problem (at least of automated POSTs) soon after.

I’m not that ambitious at this stage. I added the spammers IP to my block list, along with the IP noted by Ringnalda. It might be time to start a blacklist that is automatically checked by MT periodically. There is my super-lazy web request, since I’m not sure it’s necessary at this stage. It shouldn’t be all that hard, though, to access the internals of the banned IP list, and have it update to a central list periodically.

So I’m blocking: (Phil’s) (mine)

Interestingly, the link added, uses DigitalZion as a nameserver. The webpages for the two companies are also seemingly very similar, though they resolve to entirely different subnets than that of the visitor noted above.

In a completely unrelated note, BurningBird has a category-picture setup not unlike mine, but much more attractive. But the basic idea can’t be all bad if others, especially those with a serious design sense, are coming up with it independently.

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