Capstone schedule

What a gas! The second meeting of our course was prematurely ended by a gas leak. Hopefully we can stay on track electronically. The finalized presentation schedule that we pounded out before being driven from the building appears below, with discussants in parentheses. Kristen, Dawn, and Renee, please let us know what we should be looking at for Wednesday by posting to your blogs ASAP.

6-1-1 Open Source (Servers) Kristen (Amal Josh)
6-1-2 Content Management Systems Dawn (Amal Josh)
6-1-3 Ecommerce hosting Renee (Amal Josh)
6-6-1 RSS Amal (Athena Dan)
6-6-2 Podcasting Charlie Jason (Athena Dan)
6-6-3 Wikis Josh (Athena Dan)
6-8-1 Ajax Jason (Charlie Dawn)
6-8-2 Application Integration Ed (Charlie Dawn)
6-8-3 .Net Dan (Charlie Dawn)
6-13-1 PR Blogging Robin (Ed Jason)
6-13-2 Affiliate Marketing Annie (Ed Jason)
6-13-3 Folksonomies + Tagvertizing Athena (Ed Jason)
6-15-1 Personal Robotics Marion (Alex Renee)
6-15-2 Smart Cars Michele (Alex Renee)
6-15-3 Media Centers (PVRs, next TV) Dan Josh (Alex Renee)
6-20-1 Search Engine Optomization Ed Marion (John Kristen)
6-20-2 Business Intelligence Annie Dawn (John Kristen)
6-20-3 Communities of Practice Amal (John Kristen)
6-22-1 Affordances / Object Interaction Charlie (Marion Michele)
6-22-2 Media Richness Robin Dawn (Marion Michele)
6-22-3 Self-Checkout / Retail Informatics Athena Kristen (Marion Michele)
6-27-1 Porn John (Robin Annie)
6-27-2 RFID Michele (Robin Annie)
6-27-3 Palm tech + Mobile imaging Renee John (Robin Annie)
6-29 15 minutes of fame All (All)

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