Bye-bye to you

So, the highjacking of blogrolling was that little tipping point that reminded me to remove it from the page. The functionality there is already duplicated with my public bloglines page. This should provide a bit faster load time. I took out some other things over there, and I bet you don’t even know what they were, so it can’t hurt that they are now gone. The weather report is gone because the script that was scraping it was too slow and, although I put it up last year so that people could share my cold, I’m really over that at this point. More clean-up is to come, along with a side-links section, but only when I have a little time.

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  1. Barbara
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  2. Posted 11/17/2003 at 4:45 pm | Permalink

    The valuable thing about blogrolls on the page is the pagerank and technorati impact on sites you like, which bloglines won’t offer. :/

  3. Posted 11/17/2003 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    I think that’s the point Barbara was addressing above :). But it does seem a little funny that Technorati was instituted to measure an artifact, and now we are perpetuating that artifact after (possibly) it is useful or a good design decision. That’s an extreme way to put it–I think there is still value in putting up links to:

    – Advertise and advise readers of sites they might like

    – Establish oneself explicitly within a community by giving other sites as a sort of keyword of our own

    – Act as bookmarks to remind us what we like to read

    – Publicly acknowledge our appreciation of a particular author (I have to say, this is one reason most of mine were names rather than blog titles)

    – Demonstrate to others our excellent taste

    I’m sure there are others there, including providing them with Technorati points. Couldn’t a lot of this be done in FOAF instead?

  4. Posted 11/19/2003 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

    hmmph, but now you aren’t on my technorati profile anymore…

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