Cyborg Democracy

As of today, I am a Democratic Transhumanist! I’ve always had a certain attraction to transhumanism, but just when I thought I had found a likeminded niche, I ran smack against the libertarian exultation of the free market. Luckily, thanks to an interview with RU Sirius for Neofiles, I learn of James Hughes, who argues that the anarcho-capitalist moment of 1990s cyberculture was a mere hiccup in an otherwise strong tradition (markedly modernist in mission) combining technology with radical democratic ideals. Read or skim the interview–it’s an odd mix of what seems like traditional humanism and a celebration of technology. While there are certainly some significant problems with this position (most notably in that it is harder to achieve a radically democratic future than it is to achieve an anarcho-capitalist future), it is an appealing position to rest on for a while. (via WorldChanging.)

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