But wait. What if I’m a girl?*

Jill pointed to the Gender Genie, which employs a heuristic involving the use of particular words to infer whether you are male or female. I am female. (Er, I mean, my blog writing is). I even tried my most manly man posts, ones having to do with toys and aggression. No luck. Just couldn’t find anything I’d written that was manly enough.

So how about an Ask Men column on a sexy softball pitcher? Female.

Sears description of a band saw fence? Female.

John Wayne quote page, with the addition of the “beef” soliloquy from Red River? Naturally, female.

So I guess I am in good company. It turns out that the “genie” is right 51.02% of the time (with an n of over 30,000). In the US, women make up about 50.8% (compared with a little over 49% globally and 48.6%–frighteningly–in China), so simply guessing “Female” each time would get you close to that score. Wait! That seems to be just what it does!

* SNL reference.

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  1. Posted 8/22/2003 at 7:12 pm | Permalink

    Alas, it believes that all of my technology-focused posts were written by a man. Guess I should be used to that by now. :)

  2. jeremy hunsinger
    Posted 8/23/2003 at 5:52 pm | Permalink

    it shows that my book reviews are all written by a female, and my blog posts are male. strange beastie.

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