Everything’s blogs lately. I was happy to get a call from a reporter today who didn’t want to talk to me about blogs, and that was a surprisingly nice change of pace.

But I am following with interest a discussion on the use of blogs for tracking panels–in these cases with the aim of identifying and tracking innovation trends for the purpose of marketing. But it’s not hard to remember when communication research was marketing research. I wonder how such a method could be exploited in social research more broadly…

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  1. By Unbound Spiral on 9/10/2003 at 1:05 am

    Blog Panels +
    Appreciate the good feedback and links on the Innovation Panels. See Ideaflow, Conversations and Halivais Two other thoughts crossed my mind today. First via Phil Wolff “Weblogs Finding a Home in the Nation’s Workplace. includes an advertising agency e…

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