Blogging in Buffalo

A week without a post, and my Mom called to make sure I was still alive :). Seemed silly until I looked back and saw that I’ve only gone blogless that long twice in the last year.

Today’s Buffalo News is running a piece called Blogging in Buffalo. I’m quoted as saying “Blogs kind of take the Web back to what it was in the old dirty days. It’s definitely different than other things you see on the Web.” The “old dirty days”–did I actually say that? Well, yes, I did, though I’m sure I could have been a bit more eloquent :).

The article talks about a couple of law blogs (blawgs), something I have been recently interested in. Along with a grad student (Tom Collins) who researches KM in the legal setting, I am looking at how blogs and other non-traditional information seeking and distribution behaviors impact the professional practice of law.

I’m working with a few other students on some other projects. This week has been busy getting those set up, as well as putting together content for the wiki for my web content analysis class.

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    Tom Collins, M.A. Informatics graduate student. He’s mine. Mwahaha…

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