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Procrastination is the enemy of cooperation! I’ve just posted a last minute suggested session for the Networks/Art/Collaboration conference here at UB in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, I’m not too late! Looking for a panel/discussion–not for papers. Maybe I can see if some of the students are interested, as well. Here’s the note I sent out to the organizing list:

I’ve added to the wiki (CollectiveEventBlogging ) a proposed session for (a) those who will be blogging the sessions at the conference, and (b) those who are interested in discussion how blogging feeds into re-interpreting, distributing, and understanding events.

There has been a lot of talk about blogging as amateur journalism. At the same time, it seems as though the future of news via blogs has less to do with bloggers parroting the practices and processes of professional journalism, and more to do with the aggregation of a variety of perspectives, each with a microview of the event. This is already happening with text, and will be accelerated when images and audio of events (recorded with camphones, etc.) are assembled into a fragmentary representation of the original. What does this mean for participatory journalism, for making meaning, for social action? Is it inevitable that such work will need to be restructured into a more cohesive narrative by others (and likely plugged into grand narratives and news frames)?

Obviously, this is a recursive session, since I expect that those who are particularly interested will also be blogging the conference. I envision meeting early on to talk about the larger issues as well as the more practical questions of how to capture the conference meetings in blogspace.

Please add your blog below (to the wiki) if you will be blogging about the event, and if you have a feed, it will be added to an aggregator. Thanks!

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