Better than latte

Remember the movie Strange Days, which was built on the premise of the possibility of sharing another person’s recorded experiences by wearing “squids,” a set of sensors around the scalp? It always hit me that wearable computers could give you something of the same experience. In-car cameras, for example, have made motor racing a much more interesting spectator sport, though attempts to do the same thing with football seem to have died quickly. Think of how cool it would be to have the same thing on a NYC bike messenger, weaving in and out of traffic. Here it is. Large video file, but way worth the wait.

Makes you wonder what other sorts of POV videos are likely to be forthcoming, especially given the diffusion of video-enabled cell phones. It seems like the hundreds of helmet-mounted cameras being worn by DHS agents during the Republican Convention might yield an interesting “in situ” experience of the event. While many are focused on making wearable computing more wearable, it can’t be long before 360 views, high resolution, and 3d sound recording setups are more common.

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