Best weblog definition so far

I had a very earnest proto-journalist from the school paper come and interview me about weblogs today. Naturally, she asked what a weblog is. Unlike Liz & Danah, I don’t find this (or the subsequent question of what types there are) to be especially enthralling. Of course, there is the issue of working definitions for specifying a universe of research, but as for an “accepted” defintion, I don’t think there should be one.

Anyway, my answer to the question was something along those lines: “no one really knows what a blog is, but some know when they are blogging.” (Yes, I dream of becoming a cross between Morpheus and Yoda.) If I had only read The Wonderchicken’s post a bit earlier, I would have had a much better definition: “weblogs are like snorting coke off the bellies of teenage hookers” (an entirely decontextualized and denatured quote, that). Now that would have gotten more students interested in blogging.

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  1. By Holly's Research Journal on 2/14/2004 at 4:02 pm

    On the virtue of posting half-baked ideas
    James McGee posted an article recently called Rational ignorance

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