Behind the scenes

Layne showers after her sex scene is finally completed and Long stops in to tell her ‘how good she was in bed.’ It was Layne’s third movie she had done and she said that it was much better than her previous ones, “the last one was painful, I was bleeding for days. I feel fine this time, it just took longer.” After they joked around for a little while, Layne told Long, ‘I gotta take my shower. You should go talk to my husband, he’s waiting outside.’

Caption from one of the photos that won this year’s Documentary prize for the College Photographer of the Year: Sexual Tension. (Via Boing).

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  1. Posted 11/30/2004 at 1:41 am | Permalink

    I do not know if it relates to cyberporn or not. There is a booming culture of self-photoing in Taiwan recently. People, especially adolescents, like to take photos of themselves and put it on Internet, and some of those photograph are related to porn. To some extent, it is a political action because it challenged the traditional meaning of photograph. The advance of technology makes it possible to produce ourselves by ourselves. This also makes it possible for photographs to present ourselves instead of just fulfill their traditional function of depicting and story-telling. Thus, it challenged the existing moral order. To be naked in the public triggered moral panic and the demand for control, but it also implied the political and social resistance.

    I am not sure if it is the unique culture in East Asia. From my understanding, it was very popular in Japan and Korea now.

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