Away without blog, that is. I have a newfound appreciation for those who can realtime blog at conferences. I think this goes back to why I don’t (didn’t?) like to take cameras with me on vacations. I’d rather be doing rather than recording. (Though if you know me you know I am not doing much when it comes to these things. Too many people make me want to go hide somewhere.) I have a couple of drafts of entries on my blog, a couple of files of notes in my PDA, more notes on the computer, more notes on scraps of paper.

I talked to Liz, who is (I think) putting up more summary information from her own notes. For me, I think I prefer a very strongly filtered form of this is what I found interesting and this is what it led me to. So I won’t do a blow-by-blow of some very full days, but I’ll likely have a few weeks of postings that are likely tangents generated from discussions at the conference, but little on the presentations as a whole. Most of those have already been well documented in the presenters’ papers.

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    It was good to meet you F2F Alex! I have some notes from the sessions I attended, and so Liz (among others). Looking forward to your comments and reflections about the conference.

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    I’m completely gone from your blogroll. I’m crushed.

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  1. By aldon on 10/19/2003 at 9:00 pm

    AoIR Sunday Morning: Random Thoughts
    In his blog, Alex commented about not blogging from the conference. He compared it to not taking a camera on vacation. I think that’s a pretty good analogy. Yet it does seem a little bit…

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