A course design nightmare

Susan Smith Nash writes about her experiences with instructional designers in building an packaged intro course, and it is published a few days late; Halloween would have been more appropriate. I happen to believe that creativity flourishes within some formal systems. The restrictions on how music can be made led to some great music, and absolute artistic freedom sometimes hinders rather than helps the creative process. But a list of acceptable verbs?! I can only hope that she is exaggerating.

I was very excited when Ars Digita University was started up, and disappointed when it faded away (or “became dormant” as they prefer–though this reminds me somehow of vampires or locusts).

Like many applications of the internet, online instruction holds within it the seeds of something truly liberating and exciting, and at the same time the path of least resistance (and greatest funding) is frightening.

(via Jeremy)

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  1. By Mathemagenic on 11/3/2003 at 6:47 pm

    Learning instructional design
    Course Development Wars: A Content Expert’s Cry for Help by Susan Smith Nash [via Alex Halavais ] This is a story about an instructor being pressed to fit instructional design categories”cit”Why did education departments brainwash students in this way? Or

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