Why Bush will win

OK, I’m swearing off political posts for a while. But here’s a summer prediction. There will be a terrorist attack on US soil before the presidential elections, and this will win Bush the White House. The White House is already predicting that this will occur. Bush plays the perfect foil for Al Qaeda–they say the west is arrogant, duplicitous, and hypocritical, and we play right into that image. Can you imagine how much such an effort must fear the idea of an American president who wants to foster the international rule of law rather than play the bully, a president who pushes for human rights at home and abroad?

Am I saying that the Bush administration will precipitate an attack on US soil? No, I’m saying they already have.

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    The rot of it is that Bush can exploit the fear of terrorism no matter what happens. If there’s an attack, he gets to be the war-on-our-soil president, and if there’s no attack, he gets to be the keeping-the-homeland-safe president.

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