Who killed the electric car?

This is a mystery I’ve always been interested in, and so I was intrigued when I saw the trailer for this. Saw it before that very interesting piece of propaganda: An Inconvenient Truth, a film that argues compellingly that those who chose Powerpoint over Keynote, and Bush over Gore, should feel pretty stupid about now.

The film is slated for a NYC/LA opening at the end of this month.

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    They are alive and well in Europe – our neighbors have one:


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    So you’re saying you’re feeling stupid too? ;)

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    I’m waiting to watch this… I see lots of Apples.

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  1. […] Those who’ve seen it seemed impressed, so I’m interested to see whether the film can tell me anything new. Interestingly, I’m already seeing some kind of post-movie environmental meme going on about eletric and hybrid cars. Tara Hunt noted Fact Company’s article about Toyota’s Hybrid models being the best selling vehicles in North America as of May 2006. Professor Alex Halavais blogged about another movie aptly entitled “Who Killed the Electric Car?” which was coming at the end of June (See trailer here). Yes, we have hybrids now, but exactly happened to the fully electric cars? […]

  2. […] I posted earlier about looking forward to Who Killed the Electric Car, a film documenting the introduction and obliteration of the GM EV-1 and similar all-electric vehicles. It’s getting great reviews, and I enjoyed it more than either Superman or Devil Wears Prada—but I have to say I was less than stunned by it. In some ways, it is probably preaching to the choir. […]

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