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Crimes & misdemeanors

The State of Connecticut has a list of criminal convictions since 2000 on the web for easy searching. Unlike other states, this one includes minor infractions like traffic violations. Nosy person that I am, I checked on some of my fellow faculty. Was hoping to find some dark secrets that would reveal something of their […]
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Quinnipiac Chronicle and administrative “oversight”

I haven’t blogged about the ongoing saga of the Quinnipiac Chronicle, our student paper, which is facing administrative censorship. An editorial printed in the paper lays out the problems: efforts to constrain the way the paper represents the university and its policies. The president doesn’t like how his position has been portrayed in the paper, […]
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You may not see my receipt.

I’ve been saying “no thank you” to the increasingly ubiquitous receipt checkers at the doors of (mostly) big-box stores. It’s insulting and an inconvenience. Generally, the guards are pretty nice about it. At Bed, Bath, & Beyond, they kind of shrug, and smile. At CompUSA, they actually shout after you like you are the criminal […]
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A small thing

When I was growing up, I dreamed of visiting “red” China, the USSR, or the DDR. I’ve always paid attention to defending against the worst case. During the 1980s, like lots of kids in America, I worried about the potential for global nuclear war, and our seeming lack of preparation for it. I worried about […]
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