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Grads Blogging

Derek Mueller has a podcast up of a recent conference presentation on weblogs and emergence, in which he explains why graduate students should blog. And while we are on the subject, Kevin Lim has been blogging for a while now, but lately he has really kicked into overdrive, and with good effect. His is now […]
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Blogging in Public

When I speak with people about blogging, I often make the distinction between blogging as a personal but transparent act (much of the blogging on Livejournal takes this form), and blogging as a kind of intentional micropublishing; that is, the creation of a public persona. I consider my blog to be of the latter type. […]
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Fafnir sold out!

In the continuing watch of who has sold out their blogs, I am saddened to note that Fafnir and Giblets have been on the take for some time.
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Kevin Kelly’s always-interesting Cool Tools has a blurb on Muji, the “no mark” shop. I fell in love with Muji’s Yokohama shop a decade ago, and was surprised to notice a large number of Muji bags being carried around central London a few months back. I like Muji’s stuff for a couple reasons. I like […]
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