Nietzsche, in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, famously wrote that “God is dead.” He less famously wrote that he “should believe only in a god who understood how to dance.”

I extend this generally to thinking that humor has a lot to do with being able to see multiple perspectives on things and that must give the omniscient a tremendous sense of humor. (Here, I would love to link to some of the apocryphal episodes of Jesus laughing, both at his crucifixion–which some texts suggest was an illusion–and at watching Peter get drenched after attempting to water walk. Unfortunately, I cannot find any. Maybe I dreamed this.)

In any case, I think it’s pretty amusing that the A.D. for Mel Gibson’s new film depicting that same crucifixion has now been struck by lightning twice. Were I a religious man, I might take this as more than an atmospheric anomaly.

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    When this story is brought up by Christians, I like to joke that maybe he’s getting hit by lightning because God hates Jesus. The face they make is priceless.

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