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Talk about symbolic interactionism! I have a bloglines feed that searches for my name. It comes up with Jeremy’s list of common search terms over the last day… which includes me. This is strange and puzzling. The phrase that turns people up at his blog (“alexander halavais and wired”) only barely makes my list over the last 24 hours. I won’t do a full list, but here are some of the more interesting phrases that bring people to my site:

aboutme (68) [Ah, the neverending search for self.]
sexy (19) [Hells, yeah.]
erthe de petrol (9) [WTF. I need to figure out where AWstats is getting the search string from]
communication theories (8)
dildos (7)
лещен (4) [of course!]
how to build a raft (4) [pretty much hits every day on this]
from where the people who works at news paper get the news (2) [OK, this has to be from the same person!]
flawed experiment (2) [Nice to be known for something…]
suv from hell (2)
consequences of leaving grad school (1) [Anyone I know?]
alexander halavais and wired (1)
psyops training (1) [Advertisers take note!]
cheating naked students (1) [?]
nature and relevence of culture to accounting classification (1) [???]
utopias presume a largely static world that emerges when three goals are accomplished 1 the equality of humankind 2 the establishment of peace and 3 the elimination of private property. certainly utopias of (1) [I bet someone is checking (badly) for plagiarism.]
questions on double promotion of students (1) [Um, is this some kind of cross-pond way of saying skipping a grade?]
why youth are irresponsible (1) [hope he finds out]
symbolic interactionist would approach to the internet research (1) [ooh, self referential post]
academic superstar (1) [off by quite a bit there!]
nude guys that are really hot (1) [sorry to say: see above]
palace of mayonnaise in amsterdam is better known as (1) [you were looking maybe for another Alex?]
from december 24 to 26 to january 6 (1)
similarity (1)
elvis presley turkish blood (1)
top ten reasons for final exams (1)

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