(Spoilers–but not major ones.) Indiana Jones meets James Bond. Sahara isn’t nearly as bad as its trailer makes it out to be, but it requires a silly amount of suspension of disbelief, and some of those things would have been easy to fix.

Take for example two men racing across the desert on an improvised landyacht (as seen in all the trailers) — both of whom have spent their entire life on the water — and the only word said during the scene is a command from the one on the sail to the one on the rudder: “Left!” What part of these characters would ever think to say anything but “Port!” Strangely located heliports, reckless treatment of biology, and unusual choices in research vessels I can take, but why, in a scene where you clearly see the sole of the weathered fortune hunter’s boot, did they not bother to run it around the block once or twice. The only reason I am even picking nits is that there are moments in the movie that really are pretty good, some of the scenery is pleasant, and I want to like a new Bond/Indy, but it just doesn’t quite come together.

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  1. Barbara
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    Every reason you need to see this movie can be summed up in three words:

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