Ranking Schools

Now that the (silly) US News school survey is out, there is some attention to school rankings. The doctoral program survey results for communication is an interesting read. SUNY Buffalo isn’t ranked–we don’t actively recommend the students take the survey, and I think I see why. Those schools that I would expect to have a good reputation, based on the quality of the faculty, are in the third and fourth quartiles, with my own program at the very bottom of the list. No program received better than a B (in any discipline, it looks like).

In other measures, SUNY Buffalo as a whole ranked 30th among top public research universities. (UW ranked 9 on that list, and Berkeley and UCLA are 1 and 2.)

US News rates our law program as 87th in the country. Ouch.

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    Hmm…giving out some dead links lately. You’re slipping!!

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    Not my fault. Was working when I posted. Seems to have been /.ed. (Was posted on MeFi).

    Been thinking seriously about using a local cache plugin. May do that when I have a spare 33 seconds.

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    That sounds like an interesting plugin.

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