Professors strike back

I got a kick out of some of these responses of faculty to their RateMyProfessor comments. Some are pretty amusing. They share what seems like the prevailing view: don’t trust what you see on RMP because it is clearly biased, and if you have a complaint, come talk to your instructor, and you might actually have an effect on your experience in the classroom.

I am very into being a good teacher, but I’m not sure how well student evals reflect this. I may just be stinging from a recent set. Like most faculty, I zero in on the negative evaluations (best way to improve the course? “new curiculum [sic]. new instructor”), but the ideal seems to me to be what a colleague at Buffalo recommended: do reviews five years after graduation. If a student says that a course was taught them something then–rather than just before final exams–I think it probably carries a bit more weight.

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