Patriotic profits

Back in the day, there was a thing called selling out. Moby and Dirty Vegas extinguished any negative connotation there. But I thought there was a general feeling war profiteering wasn’t very nice. Then I get this spam a few minutes ago. I see no way in which this supports the “Fight for Freedom,” unless they mean a free market.

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  1. Neuce
    Posted 3/19/2003 at 10:43 pm | Permalink

    Alrighty alex, I know this may not be the right post to make this, but I just counted 14 stations out of the firt 29 channels (digital cable tv, im considering cnn to start at 30) to have coverage on the war….. I am trying to (albeit personally) keep track, regarding the web and television on who covers this…….. at roughly 10:11 my computer time (which I believe to be sync’d to UB server time) there were reports of a US attack. Unfortunately I am connected 56K (to UB’s server) so this totally sucks. I am right now hopping back and forth between here and my TV trying to keep track of everything……… I only hope I can, in the midst of my tracking I am trying to study for a Media Law test (I pretty sure i’ll do fine), but I ave a dire interest in the coverage of this war. With CNN MSNBC and FOX on the front line, I expect the absolute best from them… nithing less is acceptable… This post was made as fast as possible after viewing Bush’s speech, and trying to track my personal info, but of all places, this is one I believe will be accepted!! I stand by 14 of the 29 till the grave, counted with my mother….. If this helps you A, then it does, if’s blabber, oh how I love the first amendment………..

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