Not Sticking to His Guns

I was just about ready to come out in favor of Dean: socially liberal, but states-rights, seemed to be a candidate I could actually not feel yucky about voting for. But now he is backpedaling on a sticking point for the Democrats, gun control. I know, I know, he has no chance of taking the Dem ticket without disarming his opposition, who will otherwise lampoon him as a gun nut, but I make up a small portion of the population who agrees with his take on both gun control and health care at the same time, and who thinks he should press his best asset: intelligent and rational policy without political compromises.

Now, he hasn’t said “let’s lock up the guns.” Rather, he thinks that sportsmen don’t need Uzis, and that’s pretty rational. But it does begin to hint at equivocation and playing to the audience, and if this is an indication of the direction for his campaign, I’m not sure he will gain my endorsement. And I can absolutely guarantee that I won’t be bankrolling his Western New York campaign if this sort of thing keeps up.

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  1. Posted 5/15/2003 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    I abandoned the Democratic Party after they abandoned me with this whole “New Democrat,” Centrist, nonsense. There’s no way I’m voting for a Republican-lite and Dean doesn’t impress me either.

    I’d support Dennis Kucinich but he is unlikely to get the Democrat’s nomination.

  2. Posted 5/16/2003 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    I don’t get a lot of the right, left, or center things. Clearly, conservatives are not conservative. Recently, they’ve been pretty radical. But I am about getting things done. I had no illusions that my vote for Nader was a protest vote. Had I actually realized how bad Bush would be, I might have voted for Gore. I didn’t really like Gore as a candidate, and… well really one vote doesn’t matter (despite what MTV says).

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