Late Netflix Adopter

I get the same thrill out of NetFlix as I did out of Kozmo. Yes, there is some irony that this “information age” product relies so heavily on the postal system, but it works. I was reluctant to lay out the money needed for a subscription, but last month we got hit with some late charges from the video store, and it became obvious that it was too easy to push above the subscription cost with regular rentals. If we cut out just one movie in the theater each month, we almost pay for the subscription.

So now I’ve added the NetFlix queue over on the left. I doubt it will stay there, but I have some more lint for now. It’s funny how your rental patterns differ when they are technically (if not actually) not determined by the number of rentals. A good number of the films on that list I have already seen, and would be unlikely to rent if they were “discrete” in terms of cost (i.e., I would say to myself: I’ve already seen this, and can see it any time, I’ll rent a new one for roughly the same price). Instead, Netflix treats the process like a “schedule-your-own cable channel.” So, I give it five stars, at least for now.

And no, I am not being paid for this review. And no, I wouldn’t mind if I were :).

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