I waited way too long to transfer my account, and my old ISP finally gave up on me. (They only loved me for my money.) So a bit of a rocky transition over to Dreamhost. What’s changed?

Most probably won’t notice, particularly if you are reading via the feed. Right now, the blog is pretty much plain vanilla. I’ve moved it up to http://alex.halavais.net/ (though you can still read it at …news). The feeds will remain in place for a while, though I’ll be adding feedburner soon. I’ll also, time-permitting, be messing incrementally with the look of the page, when I have time here and there.

So, especially to all of you who noted the web strangeness while I was in Chicago… I’m back!

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  1. Posted 10/13/2005 at 12:25 am | Permalink

    Funny how you and Chris looked at me strange when I said I was blogging as usual. It was as if I was the odd one out. Now both you and Chris simultaneously got back into blogging with completely revamped sites!! Is this a coincidence, or a recurring phenomena where once you blog, you can’t ever get out!

    Chris Barr’s blog is at http://www.chrisbarr.net/

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