Journalism class in Second Life

Anthony Curtis, a journalism prof at UNC, writes a bit about his experience of teaching a journalism class in Second Life. It’s an interesting report. Now that this semester is winding to a close, I’m thinking in more detail about the Fall course in Second Life, and how to organize it to minimize the learning curve. I’ll probably be leading students through some fairly guided activities to begin with, and coopting the most able students to be mentors. It seems like the best approach.

From Curtis’s description:

To carry out the project, students enthusiastically climbed what for some of them was a steep learning curve into the SL world. After a period of exploring for familiarization, they individually identified possible article coverage of several unusual and interesting areas of social, cultural, political and commercial life. They proceeded to locate reporting resources including SL residents to interview, places to investigate, and sites to photograph.

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    hey, we need to get our kids together in sl, dont forget that! Well, i am never in (with my ‘prof’ ava, that is) neither are you (other ava?!?) so we will have to arrange to meet!!!

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