Independent Study: Spring

Several students in the Interactive Communication program have contacted me to ask whether I have independent study credit available for the coming semester. Now I have a place to point them…

Yes. Here are some options:

1. ICM Salon

For those students who are on campus and are willing to attend several major talks this semester, I am willing to do a one-to-three credit “salon.” Basically, you would be expected to show up to the events, tweet them, and do a short blog entry for each at the one-credit level. At the three-credit level, you would be expected to do a significant research paper based on the ideas of one of the presenters.

2. Badges

Students in my classes will be exposed quite a bit to the idea of learning badges this semester. I’m doing at least two papers based on these ideas. If you would be interested in contributing to a literature review on badges and learning, let me know. Likewise, if you want to get your hands dirty on a django project building around this idea, would be happy to work with you on it.

3. Association of Internet Researchers web projects

There is some need for designing various pieces of web presence for the AoIR, including–potentially–its main site. If you are interested in this, I cannot guarantee that your designs or coding will be adopted, but it would be a good (credited) portfolio piece if they were.

4. A Course at Peer2Peer University

The Peer2Peer University School of Webcraft is running a number of courses this semester. It is a free, peer-led learning environment. If you would like to receive credit for your work in one of these courses, talk to me and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

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