Groove Armada MLM

Bacardi is underwriting Groove Armada’s new release. And they are doing it in an interesting way. If you click on

This Link

and sign up to receive the free first track, then you become a part of my “downstream.” If enough people do that, I get to download track 2, etc.

It’s brilliant: free music Herbalife style. And I encourage you to sign up–not necessarily because I want Bacardi to have the greatest social networking database in the world (yeah, baby), and not necessarily because I’m dying to download track 2 (yeah, baby), but because it’s an interesting approach to social marketing, and it includes pretty flash graphics of your “downstream.”

It even has a Facebook app, which, of course, I’ve added. Come on! Don’t you want to be a part of a social network so exclusive you don’t even get to know who else is in it?

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