The The Chronicle is reporting that ETS will soon offer a test of basic computer skills. We have been talking about requiring such a test for the Master of Informatics for some time now. We’ve just dropped the GRE as a requirement for applicants (they can submit if they choose to — i.e., if they think it will help their case), because we didn’t think it told us very much about how well students would do in our program. But basic computer skills is something that is hard to get a handle on, and one of the greatest difficulties we’ve had is trying to get a varied group on the same page during the first courses.

We considered using one of the tests that are related to the “International Computer Driving License”, but the infrastructure wasn’t there yet. We did, I believe, some form of a home-bred test last year, but would like to be able to use something that is more widely available. Anyone know of a good solution used elsewhere?

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    I think thats is a great. If we can really have some test of computer skill rather than testing GRE will be a much better thing to know. As a former student of the program I have seen people struggling with a Microsoft office at times and I have no idea when the GRE scores were ever asked or did any good or help to any of us. Atleast it made no difference for. I think this is a great move by the department. Will it be still a requirement for Intl. students?

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    No, we eliminated the *requirement* across the board. I have a feeling many international students will (or will want to) take the exam, as will others without strong work experience, in order to strengthen their application, but it is no longer required.

    We may end up requiring the computer exam, if it turns out to be testing what we are interested in.

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