Favorite search strings

I don’t spend much time looking at the logs for this site, but this morning I looked over some of the search strings that bring people here. Note that some of these are for other blogs, etc., that I host on this site as well. Nonetheless, is there any better example of how hard it is to find info on the web. Here are a few examples I pulled, few of which will find relevant info on this site. (Of course, now I’ve made it even worse. Mwahahaha…)

* 2003 email addresses of sales ladies and sales women in asia
* ‘pretty woman’ and its ruling class
* activities that could be done with witting
* advantages of ethnography
* age of consent in louisana
* age restrictions tatoos new york state law
* alex from fraternity life has a nice ass

* any thing technologie news
* are barbie’s measurements realistic
* are diaper commercials a type of child pornography
* bad grad school recommendations
* bad grades and grad school
* beginning social surveillance
* best selection of theory pants
* buffalo dominatrix spanking
* chinatown dvd copies nyc pirated
* could i see my 7 grade grades
* ctrl alt del linux uptime
* cut back first ammendment during wartime
* do mainly rich kids wear abercrombie
* do the japanese eat monkey brains
* do they make it impossible to record with vcr on purpose
* ethics of beer commercials
* etiquette applying for grad school
* forget to check your references
* found it!
* free informative paper on the pentagon papers
* george bush is a jerk
* giraffe autopsy
* glonous
* good reasons to quit grad schools
* google me a boyfriend
* how to be an academic superstar
* i am nude
* i go to harvard…here is how
* i love my prada backpack
* i want to learn how to play pretty women by roy orbison
* i’m not getting tenure
* insane news media
* it really gets my goat
* japanese barberette
* japanese eating babies
* marajuana users the outcome of getting caught
* microsphaeric or meteorogram or serviceable or depreciatoriness
* mutants nietzsche science 21 century
* nations that are penalized for believing in god
* playful or quantitative or chemicophysical or maximalist or inc
* positive things about violance in the media
* preppy vacation spots
* rave baudrillard
* sexy prof
* spending on health good
* state and explain the consequences of computerization to mankind
* super alex
* superhero equipment
* the parties are advised to chill
* think nude
* unbelievably stupid
* underground spain inquisition subterranean
* what are some disadvantages of getting rid of the supreme court
* what has the internet done for soceity
* what is the average air speed velocity of an unladen european swallow
* what to do in buffalo
* what does ” posadas” mean
* what does power law mean
* what does the word volkswagon literally mean
* whats a mental case
* where do sex offenders live
* why athiests shouldnt be in the nation
* why i want mtv
* why i want to go to harvard
* why plagiarism is bad
* wicked prof
* writting briefs
* you’ve been living two lives anderson

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