Facebook kinda sucks

OK, not really; just an inflammatory headline. I think it’s great that they’ve opened up the site and are letting others build it. It seems like a model (cf. eBay, YouTube, Second Life) that is bankable.

But what is a pain is that I can’t tell them what classes I’m teaching, because my home program–the MS in Interactive Communications–isn’t listed at Quinnipiac. They are using the old name: e-Media. That’s nothing new, my last program–the Masters in Informatics at UB–also wasn’t listed, if I recall correctly. So, I figured I would ask. Here’s the reply:

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will certainly keep it in
mind as we continue to improve the site.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Customer Support Representative

Hmmm. Form letter, anyone? I don’t begrudge them a form letter–I’m sure that they are busy these days. But when I have taught courses where students listed themselves as participants, it’s pretty cool for the students and for me.

So, here’s hoping that they really do make the change. Until then, I guess I’ll be the only person in a couple of e-Media courses.

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