Early childhood programming

I’m a “strong effects” kinda guy. So I was pretty surprised I didn’t turn out a journalist or a biologist. Allow me to explain:

We didn’t have a TV for most of my early childhood (until about 7 or 8 year old), and when we did, I was allowed to watch Walter Cronkite on the CBS News, which didn’t hold much interest for me, or National Geographic specials, which did. I still have a note from Jacques Cousteau somewhere, unless it is in the 1979 Writers Market in my mothers house. You know, somewhere safe. Anyway, if television has an effect on children’s future attitudes and interests, why am I not donning my rebreather at this very moment?

Someone did have a TV in my grandparent’s condo complex. While I was supposedly training for my glamorous life as a stuntman (by doing 20 foot drops and messing up my ankles for life), I was actually sneaking in to see forbidden Sesame Street. These repressed memories rushed back when I encountered the trigger for my life in the social sciences, below. If I were to stay on at UB, the Yip-Yips would be required watching for all new graduate students. Can you imagine a better illustration of the process of hypothesis testing, or the magic of induction?

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