DoCoMo 2010

Once you get past the cheesy voiceover*, DoCoMo’s video. demonstrating their vision for 2010, is very interesting. It would have been perfect for my course at UW, where students had to envision the world at 2010 (or 2008, depending on the section :). Definitely worth a watch. (via Yu-Tsui)

* I’ve often wondered about this. I suspect that it is a combination of things. Chief among these is that voice “talent” who have a relationship with a Japanese company are likely to be valued for their clearly enunciated English, both because it makes for easier conversation with Japanese who have learned English as a second language, and because they may also be voices for language education voice-overs or corporate missives with an international audience. The other part of this is that I have a feeling that most Japanese managers trust their own judgment regarding the realism and/or clarity of voice work more than they would an audience analysis. I think I get this impression in part because of a story I read by a native English subtitler working in Japan (Rick Kennedy?) who always had his boss correcting his English, and this sounds vaguely familiar to my own experience.

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